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BOSCO Brought Her Signature Cool Girl Vibes to “Baby’s All Right” ✨

April 22, 2017 4:26 pm

BOSCO is one of the few artists than can seamlessly  blend so many genres of music to create a sound all her own. Although she was born in Savannah, GA and spent years based in Atlanta, Bosco has also picked up many vibes from New York, Los Angeles, and more. She is one of the most creative people in the industry whether its in music or through her creative agency SLUG.

Earlier this month, Bosco brought her latest release “b.” live to Baby’s All Right and there is no denying that she is going places. Performing is so natural to her and her great vibes were felt as soon as she stepped on the stage after Soft glas opened up the show. Wearing the infamous “clout shades” and her hair long and dreaded, Bosco was the epitome of a cool girl, yet was approachable and warm.

She performed bops like “Castle”, “Adrenaline”, and a personal favorite “Cigarette Sex” from her project “b.” as well as older favorites “Boy” and “Gold Ghost”. The energy in the room was up as fans in the audience sang along passionately. After her setlist ended and the crowd requested an encore, Bosco free-styled one of the best freestyles I’ve truly ever heard.  It was a truly amazing show.

Check out the full recap below!