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“A Rocking Wild Ladies Night” – Heliotropes Recap from My Social List

February 28, 2013 10:40 am


“Opening the show was one of the hottest up-and-coming bands on the Brooklyn scene in the form of the stunning all-girl quartet called Heliotropes. Jessica Numsuwankijkul simply kicks ass as the singing and wailing axe master in a hurricane of whipping hair, Amber Myers backs up the vocals with a whimsical touch of playful tambourine, Cici Harrison literally blows you away with aggressive drums, and Nya Abudu lays down the sure and steady bass licks. Together they produce a powerful brew of garage rock, mixed with touches of joyful bluegrass, Breeders-style riot grrrl aesthetic, and a generous helping of happy-go-lucky-good-time-fun! They swing and twirl about, working themselves and their audience into fantastic states of ecstasy with each song. There was a lot of new material in their set; not too surprising as they only have a couple singles released thus far, but they finished up strong with a pile-driving rendition of one of their finest cuts called “Ribbons.” If you’re smart, you’ll keep your eyes on these young ladies, as their debut LP is set to thrill us all on the Manimal label in Spring 2013. They may be sweet on they eyes,but they’re even tastier to the ears, and the two will surely battle it out in an epically fun battle royale.” – See more at My Social List