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September 28, 2017 12:49 pm

On Friday we got together for a night of alternative/R&B inspired sounds that satisfied across the board. #MoveForwardMusic vet Odalys started off by setting the vibes for the night with a DJ set true to her New York upbringing. Lexxy, the Bronx reppin singer was up first on the mic and took us through the stresses of heartbreak with her sweet voice. She played her single, ‘Disconnected‘ and elegantly covered Daniel CeasarsGet You‘. nöel who is also from the big apple followed suit with a smooth set and played one of our favorites, ‘Stay Close‘. Finally, we were serenaded by the soulful voice of the Tennessee born, Los Angeles based singer, Anne Dereaux. Anne released her EP, Book of Lolita earlier this year and has been working to get her sound out. She took us on a ride of the EP and showed us how much her music is inspired by her southern upbrining. The energy was pure love as many of her friends and family came to town to see her play. Her parents were among many in the crowd and Anne’s performance was felt along after she left the stage. For her first show in New York City, Anne definitely blew us, and the rest of the room away.

Check out Anne on The Fader here and our full recap below!

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All photos below were taken by Setor Tsikudo.

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