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MFM Top 10 Albums of 2017

December 19, 2017 9:30 pm

The year  2017 is coming to the end and with that we have come up with a list of our Best Albums of 2017. You may notice that some AMAZING albums like Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN and Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv is Rage 2 are missing and that is because we wanted to highlight albums that are less obvious. It was hard for us to narrow down albums (and we definitely couldn’t leave out 4:44) but here is the list of what we have been listening to all year.  


10. Playboi CartiPlayboi Carti

Playboi Carti’s self titled debut mixtape Playboi Carti came out last spring, just in time to include two of summer ’17’s biggest songs “Magnolia” and “Woke Up Like This”.  It’s hard to tell what is up next for Carti, but the waves that this project made as well as his place on XXL’s freshman list definitely make this project worthy of our list.

9:  Sonder SonBrent Faiyaz

Before releasing his debut album Sonder Son, Brent Faiyaz already had an exciting 2017 being featured on Goldlink’s Grammy-nominated track “Crew” as well as the release of Into, his project with his group Sonder. Sonder Son displayed Brent’s creativity and versatility and showed that he is more than just an R&B singer.

8. fruedian. – Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar is an artist that has been bubbling for a while, but 2017 proved to be a stand out year for him. Once he released the song “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis, he was featured on the top of prominent playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. It was all up from there. His album freudian proved the romantic music is not dead, it’s alive and well, in fact. The project even earned him Grammy nominations along the way. Kudos!

7. Take Me ApartKelela

Kelela is another artist that really had a great year this year. Despite there being so many great R&B albums out this year, Kelela’s album Take Me Apart really stood out. Her songs, like single “LMK” find a way to to reminiscent of the sounds of the 90’s + aughts, while also being modern. Many critics describe her sound as being forward looking R&B and we could not agree any more.

6. A Love Letter To You 2Trippie Red

Trippied Redd has some great moments in 2017, which included the follow up to A Love Letter To You. He was featured on xxxTentacion’s popular, yet controversial project 17. We believe 2018 is going to be an even bigger year for him- the year’s not even over and he already released a track with Travis Scott.

5. JardinGabriel Garcon-Montano

 Gabriel Garcon-Montano is half-Colombian/half-French, but was raised in Brooklyn, which all shape his identity and sound. Influenced by Nirvana + Red Hot Chilli Peppers, he developed his downtempo and melancholy sound, which can be heard in his album Jardin. We’ve had it on repeat since it came out and think that he is only going to get bigger in 2018.

4. SaturationBrockhampton

Brockhampton, the boyband/collective that was created in a Kanye To The forum, has an incredible year, where they released three albums: Saturation, Saturation II, and Saturation III. It all started with the first, although they only got better. We had the pleasure of presenting them for 2 SOLD OUT shows back to back at Highline Ballrooom. They are definitively the future, as proven by this album.

3. SweetSexySavageKehlani

Kehlani is one of the most talented artists around. We’ve loved her ever since her first mixtape Cloud 19 so it is amazing to see her growing into herself and becoming a household name. SweeySexySavage showed the many sides not only of Kehlani, but of all women. In a year that has shown all of the struggles of being a woman, this album celebrates the multifaceted woman and the growth of Kehlani as an artist.

2. ctrl.SZA

Ctrl is one of the few albums that can be labeled an instant classic. Despite being an album made up of so many amazing songs, like “Love Galore”, “The Weekend”, “Drew Barrymore”, and pretty much all of them, the themes and complexities of women, love, life, situationships, that are all displayed in this album are what make the album more than just the sum of its parts. SZA really flexxed on CTRL and showed that she really is not messing around.


Jay-Z dropped an incredible and relevant album at the age of 48. It hit pretty much every mark you can think of and showed the world that he still has it. Need we say more?