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Hear Freddie Gibbs Open Up On Viceland’s Inaugural “The Therapist”

June 11, 2017 12:19 am

Indiana native and You Only Live 2wice rapper Freddie Gibbs gets candid as Dr. Siri Sat Nam Signh’s first guest on the May 9th inaugural episode of Viceland’s “The Therapist.” During the session, Gibbs talks about grappling with his difficult and emotional past year — and what it means for his future.

Recounting the deeply traumatizing experience of being falsely accused of sexual assault after a show in Vienna, Austria in 2015, in which he was teased by guards and put in a cell with people who had swastikas, Gibbs questioned going back into rapping.


“If doing this can put me in this position, I’m not sure I want to do this anymore,” he said to Dr. Signh, who compared Gibbs’ situation to the plot of “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Gibbs, who was imprisoned for four months and acquitted in September 2016, told Dr. Signh that he was “feeling like everything I worked for was being taken away from me at the height of my career.” He also feared that he wouldn’t see his two-year-old daughter again until she was a teenager.

Diagnosing these thoughts as depression, Signh advised, “You’re a changed man, you have been in the fire,” and that Gibbs has to grieve in order to come back stronger.

Refraining from social media and rethinking the crew he runs with, Gibbs said he’s been “collecting my thoughts and refining myself, so to speak.” Gibbs also turned to his mother, the mother of his child, the thought of his daughter and Islam to motivate him through. (His mother told him this was a “minor setback for a major comeback.”)


By the end of the session, Gibbs took her and Dr. Singh’s words to heart, saying he would return to rapping for his daughter.

To see the entirety of how Gibbs opens up, watch the rest of the episode here. Gibbs will also be celebrating his new album at Highline Ballroom on Monday June 12, 2017. More info here.