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Noname had NYC in the palm of her hand at No Ceilings NY!

November 6, 2016 12:27 pm

i35vekws9ydsxtbqs9kz Image by Jacqueline Verdugo

No Ceilings NY had a special night with its most recent showcase featuring Noname, Topaz Jones, Kemba, and theMind. It was amazing to have all of that talent overflowing in one packed, intimate room. It was Noname’s first headlining show in NYC, which is a big deal for the Chicago artist who took the music world by storm with her debut project “Telefone”. She had Baby’s All Right packed to the brim with fans rapping along with her every verse like an echo. The feeling in the room was surreal.

Vulture described the night perfectly in a recent interview feature with Noname: “On October 12, I walk into Baby’s All Right for Noname’s show. I’m on time, which is clearly too late, because I have to do some serious maneuvering just to squeeze into the overflowing room’s back row. There’s free beer, but that’s the furthest thing on the crowd’s mind as they hang on every word, singing and rapping along with every song from Telefone. … She has everyone in the room, a rare feat in cool-ass New York.”

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Shout out everyone who came out for our latest No Ceilings. See you next time.

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The positive energy was contagious throughout the whole night; theMind brought out Kirk Knight to perform their track “One Night”, Topaz Jones hit the stage with awesome presence and let loose for the crowd all the while spreading a positive message. Kemba performed cuts from his latest acclaimed offering, Negus.

themind photo by Jimmie Westside

topaz photo by Jimmie Westside


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