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RECAP: Playboi Carti brings out Pierre Bourne at Knockdown Center

May 15, 2017 10:38 am

Playboi Carti further proved that he may have a summer smash on his hands when he performed “Magnolia” alongside Pierre Bourne and Maxo Kream at the Knockdown Center on April 29. As predicted, the crowd went WILD as soon as they heard “In New York, I Milly Rock”. Who would have thought that a young rapper from Atlanta would be the one to bring the Milly Rock back to its glory days? (Shout out to 2Milly & Friends, who also had SOBs Milly Rockin’ earlier in the month)

After dropping his self-titled album and being brought out by Gucci Mane and Uzi Vert at Coachella the weekend before, the timing of the show was perfect, which could be seen by the energy of the room. Carti Season is definitely in full effect.

Love to XXL for covering our sold out Playboi Carti show, check our full recap below!

Playboi-Carti-NYC-1 Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.47.51 PM photos by Brandon Henry.

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