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Tanya Morgan’s UK Invasion (recap)

May 19, 2010 7:28 am

Love Junkie Rmx

Tanya Morgan is fresh off of tour in the UK, and the crew had a blast. In the words of Donwill:

“The trip to the UK was pretty amazing on all fronts. From a tourist standpoint you can’t really beat discovering the bacon sandwich or eating fish and chips on the beach staring out into the ocean at a castle on an island but I didn’t go as a tourist. I went as an artist and the reception that we received was truly just humbling.

London, Cardiff, Ispwich & Penzance all came out in anticipation of seeing us perform and gave more energy than I could imagine to each performance. There were people who knew every word and some who had never seen or heard of us but they all rocked along like every song was their favorite and coming from…”

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