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Xenia Rubinos: “Sonic Cubism”

May 6, 2013 1:17 pm

Xenia Rubinos released her already critically acclaimed / universally-well-reviewed debut album, Magic Trix, last week and celebrated with a vocally mind-blowing performance at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery on Friday, May 3rd. The venue was packed wall-to-wall, and the crowd was enthusiastic, interactive and ultimately, impressed.

Magic Trix now resides somewhere between my bones and my tendons. I don’t think I’m getting my keys back. I love that record, and I’d experienced it only via earbuds and desktop speakers, so walking into Cameo brought on a large and simple gladness. It’s like the spaces where I saw punk bands in the ’90s—dark, close, and narrow. Hell for a claustrophobe, which is usually me. But I was yearning for submersion in the liberating, original sounds that Rubinos and collaborator Marco Buccelli make. Yes, there are words; yes, there are beats; yes, you’re familiar with the instruments they employ (organs, drums, vocals). But it’s sonic Cubism. I wanted to know what that felt like on my skin.

The answer is ‘damn good.’…”(Keep Reading at Smashpipe)

Xenia continued the momentum and celebrated Cinco de Mayo properly with the release of her new visual for “Whirlwind,” below.