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The VS Presents 90s VS NAUGHTS YACHT PARTY August 1st

February 11, 2015 10:29 am



90s VS NAUGHTS YACHT PARTY @ The Luxury Infinity Yacht

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#TheVS is a party that is about giving people the music they love in the way that they love it. Pitting different genres, like “90’s hip-hop vs. 90’s dancehall”, and artists’ catalogs, like “Neptunes vs. Timbaland”, against each other to see who excites the crowd the most, DJs aim to settle myriad age-old music debates, and hours of after dinner arguments about who was the greatest or which era had the best producers, right there on the dance floor. But more importantly, they aim to make people dance and enjoy themselves and that’s where The Vs. parties have been overwhelmingly successful.

The monthly soiree has become one of NY’s best dance affairs, and as it has grown out of tiny clubs to more prestigious venues like the Tribeca Grand, it only made sense for producers Clarence “Jah C” Fruster, and Judnick “Judnikki” Mayard to take the vibes to the sea.

Join us for a Yacht party like no other, with level upon level of excellence. RSVP HERE!