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AG CLUB Live In-Person 9/26/21

June 23, 2021 1:42 pm

Sunday September 26th, 2021
@ Baby’s All Right
Doors 7pm | Show 8pm | All Ages Welcome


AG Club with guest performances by Sam Truth and ICECOLDBISHOP + support from Payday.

Avant Garde Club (AG Club for short) is a 14-member group of creatives from the East Bay. The members are made up of musicians, directors, filmmakers, content creators, photographers, and designers who all possess a DIY mentality. “Whether it was going to be group, gang, squad, crew, or club, we wanted to have something that let people know this was the collective,” Baby Boy says. “The avant garde part comes from the fact that no one at the time was making music that sounded like ours. Avant garde, to us, meant an artistic revolution.” AG Club was founded in 2017 after Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine linked up for a studio session through a producer friend. Jody started following Baby on Twitter after discovering one of his music videos he made and instantly became a fan. The goal of the group is to dominate in all creative fields: music, film, TV, and fashion. Everyone involved in the collective will get a boost in visibility. AG Club’s debut album FYE (Fuck Your Expectations) Pt 1 and Pt 2 were released in Spring 2021. The projects have been met with critical acclaim and attention from the likes of New York Times, Complex, High Snobiety, Pigeons & Planes and XXL. The album title is self-explanatory. “Leave yourself with an open mind so you can consume whatever we give you so that you’ll fuck with it,” Jody says. “Because expectations ruin everything

PAYDAY: Flipping flows like a switchblade with multi-syllabic mastery as sticky as pink Hubba Bubba, PAYDAY exudes the verbal reverence of Golden Age hip-hop spun around a merry-go-round of anything-goes animated internet insanity. (To put it simply, she sounds like Slick Rick if he grew up on Tik Tok, slasher flicks, and Adult Swim). After racking up millions of independent streams and acclaim from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and more, the 17-year-old wordsmith surprises with each subsequent rhyme.