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Dave East, O.T. Genasis & Just Blaze had NYC laced with The Remedy

January 25, 2017 5:39 pm

photo credit @thedonlikecheadle

This past Thursday, The RemedyxBoilerRoom took over Highline Ballroom and turned it upside down. The vibes were on high from the onset of the party as K$ace and Odalys hyped the crowd and got everyone dancing and on their feet. The party was jumping from the throwback tracks, chart-topping Migos club wide karaoke session and the island feels once the reggae hit the speakers and made waves. DJ Wavy and Quiana Parks set the tone for the evening, keeping it crisp right before the night’s major performances.

dj wavy
photo credit @tochtoomuchbuzz

The party was bumpin and the crowd was hype right in time for O.T. to hit the stage. His performance had the room on tilt. “Cut It”, “CoCo” and “Right Back” had everyone flicking their wrists in rhythm to his lyrics. O.T> clearly had love for NYC and NYC gave it right back. New Yorkers are good like that. Real recognize real.


However, everyone went bananas when Harlem’s own Dave East glided on stage. With his star studded demeanor and divine gift of wordplay, it was almost as if he had the crowd hypnotized. “I did alot but I never hated” echoed throughout the venue and everyone agreed with East that that was a sucker way to live. Everybody has room to eat. “Type of Time” eased fans into a mellower feel that night, but it didn’t hinder their excitement. Phones were flashing and hands were grabbing just to get even the slightest touch.