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denitia and sene, Dragons of Zynth, & Bowmont at Highline

January 14, 2014 7:03 am


FEBRUARY 19th 2014
denitia and sene, Dragons of Zynth, & Bowmont @ Highline Ballroom
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Smooth like smoke from the tip of a Cuban cigar, and as sensuous as morning love, electro-soul duo denitia and sene not only exude sexy through their music, they invent it. The Brooklyn-based musicians came together a year ago with a shared vision to bring truth and ingenuity to stylistic music, and they’ve held their ambitions high ever since. Simple. Rare. Sumptuous. Bold. They’ve been influenced by a range of sonic proclivities. Thus, their work is distinguished not by genre, but attention to free verse, and the magic that transpires between darkness and light. It’s film noir for audiophiles – chic, hip and alluring – and together, they have broken down personal limits to forge a bond surpassing all expectations.