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SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Cruise Series Presents Los Amigos Invisibles

January 14, 2013 8:49 am

Thursday, August 8 2013
Los Amigos Invisibles @ SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Cruise
Tickets Available at Ticketweb

On Thursday, August 8th, SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Cruise series is bringing you world-renowned Venezuelan dance group, Los Amigos Invisibles. Hot on the heels of their latest album, this spring’s Repeat After Me, the acclaimed group is set to provide the perfect musical escape for a humid summer night. As an extra perk to an already amazing show, songbird Xenia Rubinos will be performing, as well- things are going to get hot. Tickets are available through Ticketweb. More information on the Summer Splash Concert Cruise series can be found at

Los Amigos Invisibles got their big break into the mainstream music market in 1996, when David Byrne came across their album in a New York City record shop. He quickly signed the group, with its infectious blends of Latin rhythms, disco, funk, and acid jazz, to his Luka Bop label. They released several albums on the label, consistently earning critical acclaim, including multiple Grammy awards. The band launched its own label, Gozadera Records, in the mid 2000’s; simultaneously, they began refocusing their song structure and producing more accessible tracks. Their latest album, Repeat After Me, is a testament to their musical evolution and their current status as truly global musicians.

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Xenia Rubinos is receiving rave reviews for her edgy album, Magic Trix, earning her a showcase at SXSW and features in publications like NPR and Fader. Her undeniable energy and “aggressive” dance tracks, not to mention her strong, soulful voice, make her a perfect supporting talent for Los Amigos Invisible. For the SOB’s show on August 8th, be sure to wear your dancing shoes- you won’t stop moving for either act.

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